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Elaine B

Wed 1st Jul 2020

1.What made you choose to buy these products from SSP Direct? Really easy to use interface on the website, so that I could visually see my product.
2.What did you think of the product? Excellent quality, really sturdy and well made
3.What did we get right? Quick delivery, super fast. Good pricing but high quality product.
4.What could we improve? My only improvement would be to show the sliders vs screw holes on the signs pre buy, to make it clearer which to pick.
Finally, out of 5 what would you rate us? Signs are excellent thank you, really pleased with them. Definitely a 5 from us!

Alex B

Fri 26th Jun 2020

1) What made you choose to buy these products from SSP Direct? I was looking for a large and sturdy plug cover for a plug near the floor that kept getting hit, and ended up finding your site through Google Images.
2) What did you think of the product? The product is very well made, It's sturdy and protects the socket very well. It drills directly into the wall and not just clips onto the socket like other products, which is much more secure. The edges are rounded and the whole front panel is curved so anyone who does catch it will not be injured. The internal depth is almost 11cm, so this is perfect for those with plug timers or other similar devices. Since I wanted to remove the plug without taking the whole cover off the wall I simply removed one of the fins from the backplate (As you can see in the attached image), however this is not the intended use for the product so I have absolutely no complaints.
3) What did we get right? Ordering process was quick and simple and delivery was impeccable. I ordered the product in the afternoon and it arrived the morning of the next day. That's faster than most other companies!
4) What could we improve? While installing the cover is pretty self explanatory for the most part, I would have said maybe include some simple instructions, however now I see that there is actually some on the website by clicking 'More info' and even a video. Very nice!
5) Is there anybody that you have dealt with that deserves a special mention in our team meeting? As I ordered online through the website I didn't actually have to deal with anyone.
I would rate both the product and the service 5 / 5. I would definitely recommend SSP and should the need arise for similar products SSP Direct will be the first place I go to.

Kate N

Thu 11th Jun 2020

1. What made you choose to buy these products from SSP Direct? Good range. Clear and easy to use website.

2. What did you think of the product? Excellent

3. What did we get right? Great, friendly service when I called to finalise the order.

4. What could we improve? Card payment didn't work online. Not sure why.

5. Is there anybody that you have dealt with that deserves a special mention in our team meeting? The chap who handled my order by phone was great. I don't know his name. Sorry.

Marcella F

Thu 11th Jun 2020

1.What made you choose to buy these products from SSP Direct?  Availability and fast delivery

2.What did you think of the product? I haven’t used it yet, it was recommended by my decorator

3.What did we get right? Delivered next day as promised, great packaging

4.What could we improve? No improvements to suggest, perfect service

5. Is there anybody that you have dealt with that deserves a special mention in our team meeting? N/A

Finally, out of 5 what would you rate us? 5 out of 5

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Elaine B
Excellent quality, really sturdy and well made 

Alex B
Ordering process was quick and simple and delivery was impeccable. The product is very well made, It's sturdy and protects the socket very well. 

Kate N

Marcella F
 perfect service

Hilary C P
great service & speedy next day delivery.

Doug R
excellent speed of delivery and customer service 

Nikki F
swift response and great customer experience

Darren A
I’m very happy with the service provided

customer service and updates of where you were with making the signs was outstanding 

Nick A
it arrived quickly and are what we need

Jamie R
Good quality product

Dan E
the product was good quality and arrived promptly 

Andrew H
good quality and true to design.

Paul H
I would give you a 5 for service as the product arrived faster than I was expecting.

Julie A W
 Very good

Gavin M
From design to delivery time, everything was excellent

exactly when expected and was securely packaged

David H
The product is as expected, exactly what we needed.

Jenny S
your service is excellent

Andrew R
Everything was great.

Graham G

Hilary C
Quick, efficient service

Amit P
customer service, after sales, turnaround

Joanne P
Fast, efficient re-ordering process

Andrea H
Yes good service 

Jackie W

Mr H. S
Good quality 

The service was excellent

Sarah W
Products are delivered on time and are fit for purpose.

Cathy L
Ordered online, easy process

Louise A
 Quick delivery

Jas R

Derek W
was excellent service. 

Robert J
The whole ordering process and efficient delivery

Darren A
Great service as always 10 out of 10

Kelly R
delivered promptly and in good condition

Andy L
Good product delivered quickly

Michael W
The sign looks amazing

James M
The product and service were excellent.

Clive B
You had what we wanted

Chris B

Neil P
Quick delivery as promised

Alex F
Very pleased with your amazing service

It’s perfect for our needs

Martin T
Thank you, everything worked smoothly

good service and quick delivery

Debbie F

Nicola C
Perfect, solves our GDPR needs perfectly

Carol S
Very good

Ian B
Right product – rapid delivery

Julie O


Chris B
Product as ordered

Susan H
Your online customer service is excellent

Barry S
The product does its job & it was delivered quickly

Peter B
easy ordering, good product, quick delivery

Chris P
Quick delivery

James F
the product is exactly what we needed

Andy S

Mike B
the email trail between my manager and your team they seemed to work to a right first time solution.

Carol F
everything was great and prompt delivery.

Joanne S
Suitable for purpose

 It seems good quality product

Angela S
The signs are perfect thank you

Elisabeth F
All good thank-you

Denise C
 I’m happy with the service.

Cheryl M
1st class, this is my second order and I have dealt with him both times he’s excellent 

Brian H
 Great response, good price and speedy delivery. Great customer service.

Andrew C
Very Good, Very pleased

Julie R
very helpfull and polite. 

Denzil W
The attitude of your sales team are very helpful.

Brian R

Darren D
the product is well priced and delivery very fast

David R
good service

Katie P
What did we get right? Everything

Elaine F
It works very well for our needs

Helen R
Customer service was excellent and the free drilling service was a bonus

James L
Excellent product

Chris B
No nonsense good service

Gary H
What did we get right? Everything

Elizabeth M
Product fine

Sara P
The product is great,

Brian L
very impressed with the products

Alistair M
Service delivery as promised

Chris Mc
Great product

Corbridge P C
super fast delivery with delivery updates

Bronte K
Customer service was very fast 

Barwell Academy
Very good, does exactly what we need.

Dawn H
Excellent delivery and response times

Jane M
 Previously used and pleased with product & service

Clive T

Bev C
We liked the products and the delivery was prompt

Derek M
 Very good quality. 

Ian G
very pleased with your service

Barbara C
very good service

Dave S
 very good no complaints

Margaret A
Delivery and good service 

Ann P
Delivered quickly to the correct address and on time

Gill P
It's great, does exactly what we need

Andrea M
The product works well for us

Keith H

Colin P
delivered without a hitch so I am happy

Corinne O
 delivery very prompt

All good. Thank you

 Prompt dispatch

5 / 5 rating for service.

Vivienne R
Good service thanks

John D
Quick delivery and easy payment process

Jason S
5/5. Fair price & delivery as agreed.

Jane W
So we were pleased with our choice and the service.

Hazel H
everything was explained and product delivered when it said it would be

Rhian B
Speedy delivery, great product

Amin D
 Quick return of art work & delivery of goods

Keith F
customer was happy

Adrian O
Fast and efficient

mason m
excellent value

Cherylle-Ann W
A quick and efficient service

Barry L
price was good and it makes the book look professional.

Lut V
The persons I spoke to on the phone was very helpful

Amy H
We’re really happy with our GDPR visitor book, We’d rate it 5 out of 5

Darren B
it will do the job it was d esigned to do

Paul W
Next day delivery, ease of ordering

Suzanne K
This has been painless and a welcome experience.  Well done!

David L
I was completely satisified with the service I received from SSP.

Andy T
Good Service

Catherine E
Helpful email guidance, prompt delivery.

Anthony M
The product was first class.

Eamonn D
 Really good product

Product was as requested. Effective

The product was fit for purpose & of a good quality

Setting up the account very easy.

Christine D
The service was great and I got the books I ordered before term started.

Paul M
Thanks to you and your colleagues for the great service

Peter B
we are pleased with the experience so far. All have been very helpful

Karyn O
The product does its job perfectly for us.

Kevin L
Very Good

Sam J
Always a prompt, efficient and friendly service from SSP.

Paul D
The right product @ the right price

Jessica D
great and super efficient 

Business Manager
Good quality product/very specific pages which is great!

Chris H
I would rate your service and the product as 5 star.

Roger C
The product was good and delivered quickly

Eddsie J
the process went like clockwork.

Carl W
Suitable for apllication

The service I received from you guys was excellent

Ann F
They are exactly what we needed with our Logo on them and we are very pleased with them.

Again your product and service was fantastic. 

Chris B
Everything was fine and delivery was very prompt

Alan D
Great Web Site, easy to navigate/search

Robert A
Your company was very informative and prompt

Pauline C
The delivery was very prompt and the product is as we expected.

Lisa C
I found your company's customer service to be very good. 

Sarah S.
 it was really excellent customer service.

Anna O
fit for purpose and reasonable pricing.

the reflectors were delivered in a timely manner.

Peter C
Quality manufacturing process and delivered intact.

Andrea B
Everything was fine

Sariah C
It meets out requirements, under GDPR Swift postage

Katharine C
We are very pleased with your product. 

Justin L
Great delivery times and great service from you

Katie A
Great quality, printed well, perfect for the new warehouse.

Nina U
 Very pleased with the product.

Karen B
 Everyone I have dealt with so far has been helpful, nothing too much trouble.

Customer specified item, very quick efficient service

Helen G
Very happy with your service

 Quick delivery

Joan D
I was genuinely delighted with the service you provided

Alison B.
Products and availability were good. Service provided was fast and efficient.

Timings were perfect, there wasn’t a hard push sale, I could do this in my own time

Good website & customer service when I called in

Debbie F
The items were despatched overnight for us

Dawn L
I can advise both experiences were very good, simple and efficient.

Caron H
Helpful customer service staff

Tracey M
The product does exactly what we want.

Eleni C
Description of the product was helpful.

Adrian G
 The guy I spoke to was very helpful.

Annie B
Great service

Bryan D
Hard to find room for improvement, we are very satisfied.

Laura B
The whole experience itself was very smooth and straightforward

david F
The order was delivered promptly

Brian C
The size was correct and also you offered to pre hole the sign which I was not expecting.

Vicki N
No faults, exactly what we needed.

Gary B
you should all give yourselves a pat on the back and reflect on how awesome you all are.

Jeffery K
Price was good for productDelivery good

Carol M
Great service – next day delivery and ease of ordering/invoicing.

Hayley G
Absolutely fantastic, just what we needed. Highly visible, sturdy cones.

Sandy A
The delivery was fast and the sign is excellent quality. 

Kok Ho H
The purchase and delivery was as expected and efficient.

Vicky M
The product was what I required.

Lynne M
Thank you for your survey request. On the whole I was very pleased with the service SSP provided

David N
Rating out of five - More that five it arrive the next day .

Karen B
We chose to use SSP for the price. Excellent delivery service and good communication.

Sally E
All good thanks.....5 out of 5 for everything.

Elaine F
The request to the delivery once again was of a high standard.

Mike R
All OK thank you.

Darren A
 Product is great, it’s our second visitor book from yourselves.

Ian M
Delivery was quick and on time great service.

Excellent. Easy to fit and surprisingly sturdy. Discreet as well being transparent.

Ian W
Exactly what i was looking for and what i expected.

John G
Product and service – 5 out of 5

Jack E
The whole process was faultless and excellent customer service

Arthur F
you got everything right

James S
Great turnaround time.

Jillian S

Paul J
I am very happy with the service the packaging was excellent


Liz A
Easy to order online

Nick B
 Good telephone experience regarding product & delivery enquiry

Gary M
Thank you, we are very please with the sign you made for us

We were very impressed with the prompt delivery.  Rating 5.

Claire S
 Good communication and efficient service.

John F
Good product - first rate service.

Laura A B
Quick service, 

Christine K
Good quality Quick serive

Mary S
Excellent products and excellent service.

Jill M
 Very impressed and it looked exactly how it looked on image 

Chris B
Great website, great online Q/A service prompt del

Delivery prompt and staff assistance from you good 

Tom M

Leigh P
Service and delivery was exceptional – ordered 3pm and delivered before 9am the next day.

Chris F
great service, perfect product

Derek H
received promptly and efficiently 

Darryl B
Prompt delivery.

Fraser W
Excellent, just what I required

Angela C
Always excellent service, quick and efficient!

Brandhi H
Great customer service and extremely fast shipping!

Karen S
Saw the product somewhere and thought it was a great idea to be GDPR compliant.

Mike S
 Easy ordering, speedy delivery

Joanne J
Thank you for your good service. The books were promptly delivered the next day.

Mark A
Good Service 

David K
The goods arrived quickly here in Ireland and the product is as per the web advert.

Overall, I was very pleased with your service.

Colin T

Carol D
 Ease of ordering, next day delivery – very customer friendly!

Joy E
 They are suitable for our requirements.

Kerry W
Yes, everything is fine.

Carol L
Hi. Service was good, product what I wanted. Would give a 5 out of 5 rating. 

John W
Excellent Communication, friendly manner

Eva R
Everyone always very helpful with orders

Pearce Service
The product was exactly what we wanted, the service was great easy to order

Linda P
The young man that dealt with my initial enquiry and subsequent order was very efficient. 

Anna C

David D
The products ordered were just what we needed

Ian D
I received great service from the Gentleman who processed my order & very efficient delivery service 

Ian B
Delight to order from, staff all very welcoming and helpful.

Jonathan B

Jenni S
The telephone service received was courteous, professional and friendly. 

 Prompt order and delivery.

Jillian S
Absolutely spot on! 

Hina H
easy to order, good customer service, very quick delivery

Simon P
Fast delivery

John D
Does the job

Steve O
 As described and perfect for what we needed them for

Lesley J
The customer service I received when ordering are signing in sheets was really good

Kevin T

Amanda C
Excellent delivery service

Bruce B
came well packaged on good time. very satisfied, thank you

Christine B
Very good

Lisa H
It arrived promptly and does what it says

Colleen T
Friendly and efficient service.

Khalid K
Delivery time

Chris H
I have received a great service from SSP and Mark Hughes especially.

Dave S
It was the right product and it reached us.

Alastair C
Prompt processing or order and next day delivery.

Your staff were utterly brilliant over the phone as I called several times and are a real credit to the company.

Very quick service and easy ordering.

Cilla Br
The whole ordering procedure was very straight forward and the items arrived quickly.

Judith K
Everything was good with our recent order as per usual. 

Leslie L
I’m really happy with my personalised visitors book. It's perfect.

Chris B
Product is very good quality and ideal for the use we intended.

Daniel B
you had the product I was looking for and most competitive with regards to price. 

Elaine Fairlie
Thank you for the quick service especially over the festive period

Sedef I
The mutual communication went quickly and accurately

Julie B
Great service good product just what I ordered arrived prompt very happy 

Kenny C
Great service good product just what I ordered arrived prompt very happy 

Michael O
Item looks great 

Christine K
I have been very pleased with the speed of the delivery of the items

Will U
 very satisfied

Geoff B
Product was specific to our needs and fairly priced

Sharron K
Speedy delivery efficient ordering service

Barry H
The product was well designed, robust and simple to fix to the wall.

Harvey S
Guy I dealt with for phone order was very helpful.

Rae Cameron
Delivery was prompt, quicker then expected

Gary J
Product was good quality

Rudulph J
All good.

Matt F
Effective website. Good value products.

David H
Good value

Melanie M
All good and speedy delivery

Caroline A
great product, fair price, fast delivery

Bryan O
Whoever dealt with my transcation made it very easy

Caroline D
 easy to order, quick delivery

Ben D
Very polite and pleasant on the phone and very prompt dispatch/delivery.

Sarah T
Excellent price, perfect product - Thank you

Linda M

Martin W
Good quality.

Andy S
Great service.

Simon S
The service was prompt and painless.

John RF S
Very good products, did ‘what it said on the tin’

Ian M
The whole process was seamless. Saw, bought, paid for, delivered! 

Ian E
Products in stock. Straightforward web shop. Quick delivery.

Lynne W
efficient service

Jason T
The product and service was very good,

Karen W
as expected as advertised 

Ingrida M
Fast and professional service

Rachel C
Easy to order via website, next day delivery very efficient.

Natalie P
Displaying our company’s commitment to GDPR now starts at our front door. 

Tina L
Very good

 It was really easy to order.

Karen M
 Efficient Service.

Anne B
Highly recommended.

Wendy A
Speed of delivery. You seem to be one of only a few companies offering this product 

Lee Van C
Sized and well made – matched our requirement.

Alastair M
 Good price and great service

Collleen M
 I found your process very good

Adrienne T
The service was excellent

Cherianne K
Well the SSP service was helpful and efficient and delivery of our items was very quick

Sally B
very helpful with my initial enquiry, speedy delivery

Alan R
Good quality 

Luke G
Good quality

Anne de S
The book has been ok once people got used to

Chris N
All was very good service excellent 

Bob C
On receipt of product I was impressed with the materials and the robustness of the product

Allison T
As we are very impressed with this product

Alastair C
Very good

Greg S
Very good

Helen R
 my experiences were all good!

Roddy Y
Many thanks for an excellent service.

Marie Hall

Telephone calls were dealt with very well. Helpful.

Rachel W
 Ease of ordering and speedy delivery

Anneliese B

Paul M.

Lee S.
service was great

Diane C.
prompt, efficient, friendly & accommodating service

Maclean F.
The chap I placed the order with was very helpful

Billy R.
We are delighted with our product. SSP's help and guidance was first class.

Stuart R.
We are happy with the products

Niall J.
It was avaible and reasonably priced

Anthony G.
ALL GOOD 5/5 !

Dave J.
very fast delivery.

Charles B.
Thank you for the delivery and the all the signs are perfect 

Rhod T.
Good service, flexible, friendly with fast delivery.

Richard D.
Thank you for very speedy and efficient order/delivery process

Nicholas D.
good service in good time

Ann J.
suited needs and good price

John H.
Where possible I like to deal with local companies and companies who are pleasant to deal with.

Alan R.
The order, quick response and good.

Dan M.
I was very pleased to be able to interact with a real person to finalise design

Becky D.

Helen C.
Product is exactly what we needed for GDPR

Cheryl R.
Excellent service. Very good website, easy to navigate.

Jim M.
Good quality

Anne L.
 Easy online ordering and fast delivery.

Mark M.
The order process was easy

Ian S.

Chris T.
everything was ok


Kristine T.
They were what we needed within the price range and time scale

Bob I.
Quick delivery and the correct products.

Greg N.
Turn around was great, also the fact that the call was answered and dealt with swiftly was good

Heidi B.
product as described. Fast delivery. Well packaged. Easy online ordering.

Excellent service. Very speedy delivery. On both occasion arrived the next day

Ian S.
Product is excellent

Ian D.
 Delivery was quicker than expecte

Gemma H.
Overall the service and product were beyond my expectations 

Rachel W.
The service is brilliant and the prompt delivery is excellent.

Michelle W.
Prompt delivery

Glenys T.
Service and ease of ordering was great

Mike N.
good web site, very clear to a first time buyer like me

Liz P.
my colleague found you and their needs were met and the service was quick

Stephen J.
No problems with the service at all it was quick and easy to order product.

Paul B.

Azizur R.
Good, will buy again

Delivery was very prompt.

Josh W.
Brilliant quality

Kevin F.

Donna W.
Exactly what we needed, good quality

Matthew L.
 Shipped on time, arrived in good condition 

Jim L.
 Easy to order, quick delivery

The product was great, exactly as expected.

Mike J.
Delivery speed

Jonathan W.
This product was well advertised.

Melanie B.
 delivered on time - product exactly as described

We have previously purchase from you and your service was excellent 

Jane B.
Very good

Judith W.
Ordered on line excellent service.

Luke M.
I’m pleased with the quality, thickness and rigidity of the metal sign

David C.
Good comms, prompt delivery.

Amy S.
Delivery was quick. Product was good, would use again.

Jonathan H.
Perfect and as advertised. Good quality too.

Carol W.
Delivery was spot on.

George G.
I purchased two bus stop signs which are of excellent quality.

David I.
We were very pleased with the product which was exactly as described

Alastair M.
Always good quality product.

Sharon G.

Carole S.
I found your website and immediately found what I was looking for.

Caroline L.
Everything! Great speedy service

Hilary P.
The products are as described & do what we need them to.

Caroline T.
the service was 1st class from ordering to receiving the book.

Jane B.
Delivery was fine

Hayley K.
quick delivery

Jason C.
The product was as expected and described.

Sarah S.
Arrived on time and well packaged

Andrew E.
Customer Service on phone, proofing service and flexibility, delivery time

Rich B.
Good service from start to finish

Nathan T.
 Service and delivery

Charlotte B.
Good quality products.

Susan C.
Acknowledgements/ despatch advice/ delivery/communications excellent

Chris K.
The product is good, looks very robust

I phoned to enquire and the man that I spoke to was very helpful

Stephen D.

Sally L.
 Very good

Tom H.
Very helpful and communicative with planning/art work etc etc

Sara S.
Excellent product

Vlad O.
fast delivery

Sue D.
It was very easy to buy online and the product arrived the next day as expected

Cliff W.
Ordering was very simple and straightforward

Theresa B.
Service and product was excellent and delivery was very prompt.

Andy T.
The product is well made and to spec

Sam H.
Yes, very fast. I called for advice which was given and appreciated.

Becci B.
quick service, quick delivery

Karen R.
Always impressed with SSP.

Maurice H.
Excellent product and service.

Stephen M.
Price and efficient delivery

You were very helpful when I phoned

Lisa S.
No issues ordered through the internet and delivered as required 

James F.
The product was exactly what we were after.

Andrew S.
The transaction went very smooth


Marcus M.
I had to change my order and your sales team were very helpful.

Kinga F.
 Everything, fast delivery, safe packaging

School A.
Order was great thanks

Tez B.
The service was sharp, the value is good and I am very happy with the product.

Alison B.
Your service was excellent and the product was exactly what we wanted.

Liz M.
additional information and the young man I spoke to as very helpful.

Very impressed with how products were packaged and items were received next day

Fiona H.
great service, speedy delivery, great item

Jan. H
You listened and made something to meet my requirements

Antonia B.
just a pleasure doing business with you

Jayne F.
Great – meets our business needs

Joanna B.E.

Suzie L.
Service great

Ed E.


Deb W.
Excellent customer service

Andy D.
It was perfect for what we need for our Event

Jennifer K.
We are so happy with the products and would come to you again

Jennifer K.
Very professional and looks durable, just what we need

Julie W.
Very happy with the service – good advice provided

Alyson N.
 Very good 

Justin H.
Found you online through a search engine, had a good range

Pat C.
Overall I am very pleased with the service you offer

Stephen N.
The perspex lockable covers were quality

Michelle W.
everyone was very helpful and friendly.

Roisin T.
Thank you for prompt service

Great service, no complaints.

Catherine H.
The quality of the sign is excellent and arrived safely within two days

John M.
Service brilliant,

Steve W.
I was very pleased with the product

Andy B.

Martin M.
Overall very easy to deal with you

Alan S.

Dave K.
Excellent our for duty  

Rae M.
excellent quality of the products


Stepan K.
Prompt delivery.

Tony S.
Good Quality

Elizabeth W.
What brilliant service.

Louise Morgan
The product is great

Karen Robinson
Matched requirement

Alan O'Neill
what a great fast service

Gedeon Miller
Delivery was prompt.

Andy Burr
first class service

Excellent service,

Rae McPhee
The appearance was excellent and looked more expensive than the price paid

James Nelson
Seemed like good quality

Jim England
Product was dispatched in good time

Steve Wood
Yes, your service was excellent

Alexander McClintock
Telephone help was very good

Richard Levy
Outstanding customer service 

Steve Wrigley
You had the right product at the right price!


Rattan Khetani

Daniel Jagger
 Good quality and easy to install

Nikki Ford
good product – quick delivery after approval

Website easy to navigate, easy to order

Scott Powers
Very good quality, worked really well

Roger Brown
 Excellent service

Bob Smith
The item was delivered promptly.

Mark Turner
Good Value, great service

Parul Sood
Quick delivery/response

Martin Payne
 Everything, honest about delivery timescale

Stephen Belton
I would definitely recommend your company

Dave Beveridge
10 out of 10 for service.  Very impressed.

Jeremy Richardson
Product proved to be of good quality at a reasonable price 

Matt Lloyd
Overall I was impressed by the reliability of the service

Roy Hayward
You supplied the correct product for our requirements

Elaine Bradbury
You had stock available and prompt delivery.

Lyn Cowling

Phil Boswell
SIgn is very good

Simon Jones
Excellent quality

Good quality

Nick Astley
quick delivery, good product

Michelle Facer
SSP's service was great.

Gordon Clark
I am happy with all aspects of my recent buying experience

Jim Gilmore
Ideal for what I was looking for

Stephanie Cheetham

Paul Freeland
Good product, well packaged

Chris Stokes
 Fine , no issues to report

Wellesbourne Parish Council
Prompt and helpful response from your email services

Mrs. K Rhead
the web site is easy to use and deliveries, etc are prompt.

Michael Beattie
You delivered as promised

Mark Godfrey
Good it does what it said it would

Jean Gates
Great product 

Tracey Kennedy
Delivery and easy of ordering

Kevin Power
 Service was professional goods arrived in very good time

fast service

Alison Guppy
Fast service and gave the dimensions of the bit

Rachael Pogson
arrived the following day so very quick service

 fast service

fast service

Gillian Clark
Quick delivery and product as described

Colin Low
good quality

Anne Deeney
delivery was very efficient

Kourosh Amiri-Garrousi

Austin Baggett
Very good communication along the way and very responsive.

Chris Roth
Very good quality

Adrian Mullen

Michael Kennedy
Service was great

Mrs J Pearman
Very good

Louise Owen
I could find what I needed easily

John Howarth
The sign was exactly what I wanted and was good quality

Bianca Dell
 Excellent service. Fast delivery.

Malcolm Herring
The product is such a high quality, well made and perfect for the job.

Julie Wills
Quick delivery

Geoff Goldberg
Your product was first-class. Clear, concise and of excellent quality

Good quality

Jo Glenn
everything was brilliant

Alan Charlett
Nice polite service, you did what you said you would do.

David Coldicutt
Delivery and communications were first class

David Cookson
The product was exactly what I required.

Tui Shirley
Quick delivery, answered the phone straight away when I called

Sue S
Many thanks for a brilliant product.

Alino Punzalan
the engineer installed without issues.

Jane Mercer
 very happy with the product and the service

Karen Rhead
His intervention has ensured I will come back to SSP in the future.

Simon Saunders
Communications and delivery were efficient and fast

John Key
The ordering process was easy and the sign came very quickly.

Kathleen Alcorn
Delivery was quick.

Sue S
 5 out of 5  Thank you!

Carol Jackson
well packaged and is exactly as described online.

Jane Daniels
he sevice was excellent as was the delivery time.

Paul Edwards
Ease of ordering procedure and prompt delivery

Jackie B
Delivered quickly and helpful on the call line

Emma Young
Product of very good quality, fast delivery

Matt Preston
 I like it - clear printing and looks robust

Grahame Barker
product and service were first class.

Robert Hague
Fast delivery, good value products

Anne Cummins
thought service was excellent 

The products are very good quality and we will use SSP again.

Jonathan Stedman
Very satisfied

Rebecca Simmons
I am extremely satisfied with the service and attention to detail

Alison Willson
 Excellent – arrived faster than expected 

Gbemi Agbaje
was very good

Daniel Hallahan

Ian Symington
Great (did exactly what was on the tin).

Paula Armenis
Excellent – very prompt and excellent customer service

Ray Underwood
Very good

Tina Butler

Andy Kemplen
What we ordered, will do the job

Phil Turner
Very good product

First class service,

Howard White
Many thanks for your clear client retention and service integrity.

Helen Williams
Excellent – very professional and friendly.

Lisa Fincher
It’s always been great

Les Gourlay
All good, would use again.


Order was handled promptly and delivered in a timely manner.

Matthew Hurst
I am very impressed with the service

Stephanie Mcglynn
Very Good

Sally Lee
Service was excellent

Tim Parry
They look great and quite strong.

Michael Tyson
Very Good Quality

Steve Raine
 Excellent quality, looks very professional

Michelle Thomas

Jane Daniels
The service was excellent

Lisa Ashcroft
Great service

Sylvia Perkins
Very good   

Chris Smith
Very good.

Andy Ryan
 Excellent quality, looks very professional

Michelle Thomas

Brenda Steele

Monique Daley-Yates
 Good quality product

Marc Petrucci
Exactly what we wanted

David Wickham
very friendly service helpful

Robert Jackson
The service was good

Guy Garcia

Mark Attree
Fast and efficient service.

Marc Fuller
Very good, and products arrived quickly. 

Jacqui Allen
 Quick and Efficient

Rhod Thomas
your service is polite and efficient With fast delivery.

Hannah Hant
It was very quick service

Nathan Walton
Good, lightweight and sturdy.

Diana Charles
Works fine 

Paul Hayden
Very efficient

Bev Sheat
very happy with the service I have received

Jacki Perry
very good - customer services chap was helpfu

Wyn Harvey
Your customer services gets an A* from me.

Elaine McCoogan

Catherine Emerson
 Excellent just what we ordered and needed

Alan Roberts
Service is always good and prompt

Grant Cummings
Customer services were great

Marianna Bason
Excellent service

Karen Moore
 Excellent quality, well priced

William Templeton
Service was good

Robert Whitehead

Sean Blowers
Excellent, prompt service and helpful advice.

Steve Ferrelly
you seemed to have the best overall choice

Mark Underwood

Martin Cornes

Simon Rogers

Evan Arthur
Excellent – next day delivery as promised

Nick Forster
The service was great with updates on delivery

David Edwards
Superior quality

Sebastian Hansel

John Holden
Very good.

Rachel Clover
Brilliant service

Chris Bryant
The service was excellent

Huw Morgan
Great quality

Bill Morgan

Steve Brown
Excellent – Incredibly fast order turnaround

Julian Holden
 Exactly as described.

Alan Cross
Good for what I need

Eva Williams
5 out of 5 for each and quick delivery

Mr J Moir
Hassle free, easy to use website and the product arrived swiftly

Jane Clitheroe
The service was excellent 

Neil Gant
 Very good customer service

Steve Hutchinson
 Excellent, very prompt and helped us to deliver our works to a very tight schedule.

Catherine Dean
The service was excellent

Patricia Crawford

Jeremy Priest
arrived very quickly, very helpful staff over the phone.

Lydia McClure
The service was prompt.

Ian Clements
Very good

Sam Kirwan
The service was faultless

Sally McClure
Excellent service 

Andrew Kerswill
Service was top notch and speedy

Chesterton Commercial
 EXCELLENT customer service,

Kieran Farrell

Stephanie Arnold
Perfect quality!

Robin Knott

Ewen Mcpherson
The service was 1st class,

James Oxford
service was fast

Sandra Machado
On time.

David Summers

Christopher Eden
1st Class

John Herlihy
 I was very happy with your service

Sonia Randles
you were the most reasonably priced for what we needed.

Daniel Medhurst
The products are great

Phil Odgen
Delivery time was fast.

Andy Wallace
Very good

Ashley Jinks
The service I received from the company was 1st class.

Robert Watts

Lindsey Mcgregor
Great service, couldn’t do enough to help

Denise Nelson-Gale
Excellent customer service and prompt delivery as promised

Paul Faraway
Very good

Steve Williamson
Service is very good

Ron Wilson
Service was excellent

Bob Murphy

Michael Eagles
The picture below on Google search was almost ideal for our needs

Paul Yates
Very Good

Venture3 Heating
very good, great online communication

Sharon Robson

Terry West
Great quality product.

Bob Lane
Excellent - very quick service.

Kathryn Samuels

Adam Greaves
Great service as I expected

Paul Harknett
Absolutely first class.

Peter Bensted

N Hall
Quick and efficient. Reasonable price.

Tarlika Dave

Adam Bailey
Polite and courteous

Steve Smith

Bernie Casey

Adrian Hearsey
Great Service

Fred Mitchell

Emma Mann
Quick, helpful & great customer service

Kevin Robertshaw
Service was good

Jess Doolan
Service was really good and our order came quickly.

Eric Worrall
 Very quick to dispatch and a good website.

Patrick Phillips

Angela Stark
it looks good quality delivered speedily 

Neil Hodgson

Mitch Hutchens
Very good very efficient

Katrina Blee

Peter Thompson
good quick service

Paul Walton
SSP answered my query within an hour on a SUNDAY evening!!!!! I was very impressed.

Sue Jarvis
We have been very happy with the service you have provided. 

Will Lester

Will Lester
Thankyou for your exceptionally efficient service

Paul O'Brien
Very good

Peter Jackson
The service was quick and efficient.

Barry Ackrell
I give you a 5 on all aspects

Lydia Mcclure
Your service was efficient and signs came very quickly.

Mike Simmonds
Very good / efficient / fast delivery / well packaged

Kim Bingham
Very good and quick

Diane Shaw

Kathy Phillips
Very Quick turnaround.

Rob Wispy
Better than I could have imagined


Aisling Masterson
 Excellent. Very efficient.

Michael Jay

Peter Wharton

Tom Lawrie
Service and product good

Christine Curran
Service is first class

Jeanette Olverson
The service was very good

George Mylonas
Very good

Alistair McPherson
Very Good

Heather Munks
Excellent service and very quick responses.

John Young
The service was 100% all good.

Caroline Murphy
Good service – hassle free

Lee Garwood
 I am very happy with the service your company provided

Ann Preece
 Delivery was extremely prompt

Margaret Heaton
prompt and well packed

Fiona Fleming
Service brilliant 

Tim Flint
Excellent service and great products.

Iain Macmillan
1st Class

Tony Vallely

Douglas Beckwith
The service was good and delivery fast. 

Ben Wade
 Service was good – nice and friendly staff

Gerald Turner
Items received promptl

Delphine Jourdain

Carmen Baker
very good

Graham Prestwood
The service was good

Seal David
Product Quality is good.

Stevie C
very satisfied & thank you

Gareth Evans
Easy to order and find items we wanted

Iain McNeill

George STP
very good

Kevin Angrave
Good quality

Julie Belton
Very good service, quick postage

John O'Brien
Good quality and packed sensibly

Rosie Eisenstadt
Excellent help over the phone and turnaround time.

Terry Matthews
Very good arrived the very next day

John O'Brien
 Good quality and packed sensibly

Rosie Eisenstadt
Excellent help over the phone and turnaround time.

Geoffrey Bertram

Markus Cain
Excellent quality and exactly as described

colette ellis
Very efficient service

Jacqueline Rennison
Great service, fast delivery

Graham Emmerson
price was good

Michael Shurmer
Good quality reasonably priced

Jill Hicks
Easy ordering and delivery

Mrs Smith
Brilliant product thank you

Tom Weaver

Michael Buxton
The service was good

Peter Lamberton

Steve Martin
Service was good and efficient

Steve Martin
 Service was good and efficient

Pat Collings
I have been very happy with the service I have received from SSP.

Ian Morton
service and products to be of the highest standard

Catherine Curtice
Product was good

Grahame Barker
Good products, excellent service

Nick Duarte
Exactly what I needed

Markus Klement
good quality

Barry Royale
excellent service.

Gary Duffy
excellent service

John Hunter
Very good. Solid and easy to install.

Martyn Francis
All round very pleased


Steve Want
Really good service 

Louise Jones
Thank you so much for your amazing service

Paul Beard
Very good rapid service from SSP

Jo Garside

Phil Coppin
Good quality

Jason Carter
website very easy to use

Sarah Grand
It was very quick

Hilary Cooper
I was very impressed with the customer service

Toni Jones
Excellent customer service and fast delivery.

Duncan Wright
Service was very good

Sue Lawrie
Excellent customer service and fast delivery.

Russell Downing

David Sasse
The service was great

Colin Simpson

Gary Hiscock
Service good

Linda Mitchell
Very quick

A Hart
Excellent better than they looked online

A Bowler
great - as specified and perfect condition

Gordon Marshall
Quality goods.

Jon Berry

Debbie Irwin
Excellent! Fast delivery

Joanne De Roeck
Very fast, the items were delivered the following day

Nick Wright
Very good service, easy website to use, I will without doubt order again.

Peter Nicholls

Sam Humphries
very happy with it.

Sam Jenner
Excellent, speedy service

Phillip Smith
I am more than satisfied with the work and response from SSP

Richard Dopita
Very good!

Jackie Colbert
We would certainly have no hesitation in coming back to you for other items

happy with the service and product

Sue Skues
5 for the telephone help offered

 thank you for your service

Sue Culshaw

David Diggers

Service was excellent

Service was excellent

Hannah Linsell
Good quality and easy to fit

Lorraine Smith
 Exactly what I expected

David Bray
Very good service.

Richard Coleman
Very happy to purchase from you again.

Julian Deshmukh

Mark Roberts
very good, fast delivery

Christopher Fitzmaurice
Excellent surprised how efficient

Jeremy Stephens
The service was excellent

Sandra Russell
Very Good it was used in a TV promo.

Sarah Watts
 Next day delivery. Requested VAT exemption and sorted straight away with no hassle.

David Greener
Products were in stock and reasonably priced,

Sara Beeden
Fast, prompt service

Karen Hendry
Excellent, prompt order/despatch confirmation.

Peter O'Donnell

Janet Dudman

Lee Tracy
The service was good 

Tony Fleming
The Service was really good

Stewart Usher
Service was superb

Kerrie Thacker
Quick and easy to use and correspondence is always sent to advise of delivery

Nick James
The service and advice were both very good

Graham Douglas
The service was excellent

Lorna Wilson

Ahmed Sidki
site was simple to find appropriate signs

Anthonny Gurr
The product is good quality

Derek Brain
Online purchasing was fine and delivery time very quick

Mike Pinsent
very good and I would be confident in using you in the future

Kaye Hunter

Matthew Charlton
Fast delivery, easy purchase on line

Steve Leyland
The product was as expected

Paul Chadwick
Quick, helpful and easy

James Davis
Very response and quick delivery

Steve Whytock
Very good

Nick Pudsey
Good Value for money

Julie Gray
Thank you for the excellent service provided by SSP

Janet Moreland

Alison Fenwick
 delivery was very quick and we are pleased with the goods

Alex Cooke

Judith Kirk
The product has greatly simplified and speeded up our signing process

Val Fitchett
The service was very quick and efficient

Clive Taylor

Gerry Clarkson
Very good

Mark F
Prompt fabrication and shipping.

Jo Childs

Paul Ladd
Exactly what I ordered well made

Tom Lawrie
The price was good

Emma Paton
Good, easy to order

Susan Powell
Easy to order. Received quickly.

John Woodcock
well made, good price and fast delivery

Andrew Hirst
The signs were delivered the next day and the product met expectations.

Daniel Netzer

Rob Harrison
the product was of a very high quality for the price

Paul Richards

Giles Hope
purchased previously and happy with the service/product

Kevin Herring

Steve Brown

Lisa Edmonds

Jane Clayton

Stephen Peto

Tim Hughes

Briony Seymour

Sarah Haseldine

Jane Clayton

Carol - Gourmet Island

Mark Vingoe

Dan Miller

Barrie Scott

Catherine Beaumont

Rod Tarry

Stewart Andrews

Glyn Miles

Heather Reddick

Graham Millard

Martin Forryan

Clifford Hanna

Rod Till

Phil Coppin

John Woods

C Crawford

Sarah Jones
Great value for money

John Gamlin
Very pleased with the service and product...10 out of 10!

Sarah Blackmore

Martin Little

Alan Kingsbury

Pauline Wroth

Julian Deshmukh

Scott Wilson

Brian McMonagle

Mike salter

David Chambers

Natasha Miller

Harvey Gilbert

Erik Gorrel

Alan Singleton

Sarah Greenwood

Julie Moore

Karen Parker

Mark Blackburn

Lynn Carroll

Stephen Minshall

Simon Bennett

Chris Cursley

Pam Dean

Kenneth & Elizabeth

Stuart Russell

Steve Hayhurst

David Milnes

Michael Hulme

Kevin Waite

Julie Collier

Richard Scott

Keith Farmer

Chris Higham

John Cameron

Anne Jones

Helen Talbot

Martyn Burford

Ian Storer

Evelyn Pendlebury

Michael McKenna

Sue Smith

Alex Bristow

Stephen Batey

Noel Salmon

Alan Amor

Alex Botting

Kevin Blair

Mark Bingham

matthew jackman

Anne Marie

Peter Brennan

Lynnette Morgan

Adrian Evans

Shaun Crozier

Peter Lamacraft

Debra Barton

Barry Dickinson.

Chris Lowe

Colin Shields

Hazel Morrissey

Kathryn Wood

Andrew Thompson

Peter Kelly

Sue Clapson

Judith Landhausser

Alan Williams

Claire Thackray

Carlton Jones

Julian Coleman

Nicola Pearson

Julie Lawler

Peter Bolton

Alan Hartshorn

Paul Gibson

Katie Weller

Ross Heale

Mandy Norris

David McDowell

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Richard Scott

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Simon Maple

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Grant Stewart

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Daniel Patterson

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Terence Jepp

Steve Booth

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David Gilbert

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Jillian Stokes

Phil Coppin

David Gilbert

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Ian Smith

Duncan Wilson

Mark Juszkiewicz

Richard Barnes

Ian Smith

keith murdoch

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B. Kenningham

Jez Cunningham

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Steve Hayhurst

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Paul Saffer

colin porter

Francis McDermott

Phillip Chick

Carol Osman

Alan Neely

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Tom Pattison

John Cameron


Stuart Lovely

Andy Hyder

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Grace Williams

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John Troughear

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Jonathan Jennings

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lee thomas

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Kathryn Wood

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alan ashton

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Des Kindley


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Dave Wood

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Brian Jeffery

Jason Holland

Paul Hamilton

Edgar Simpkins

Vikki Campbell

Mark Fulton

Les Chapman

Malcolm Gallon


Barry Radband

Darrin King

NIral Patel

Rob Goulding

Chris Chopping

John Rimmer

Malcolm Harnden

Susan Willis

Carlton Ferrett

Mark Wilson

Chris Roth

Colin Campbell

John Richards

Mark Brady

Kavan Ring

Philip Hudson

Graham and Sharon Larter

Mike Quinnell

Nicholas Lloyd

Paul Wish

Lee Richardson

Glyn Williams

Gareth Davies

Andrew Gale

Andy Ronchetti

william rumley

Colin Hamilton

Jeff Watson

Darren Raven

Richard Conlon

Tracey Bonner

Mike Gates

Rose Akem

Rupert May-Hill

Mike Gates

Nigel Bateman

Jill Jesson

Jon Boast

Les Stevens

Andrew Chapman
Thanks for all your help Danny - I've ordered the cover, locks, spare key and custom message. Must say I was very impressed with the website layout, the way you guys use videos to showcase products and the responsiveness of your customer services. A refreshing contrast to my usual online experience!

David McCann

Jeff Watson

Sarah Haseldine

alex whitehill

Sharon Rimmer

Glen Carter

Peter Nicholson

Wayne Bessell

Mark Jordan

Cliff Sagar

Simon Barnett

Stuart Cork

Derek Eaglen

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Mark Wilson

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Hazel Sykes

Rebecca Shawcross

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Joe Parkinson

Emma Swaine

Sue Besant

John Clarke

Rob Murphy

Tony Bottomley

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Shweta Shetty

Larry Dickinson

Martin Burton

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Philippa Boyd

Mick Masters

Adrian Holbrook

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Ross Poskitt


Paul Snotra

John Reynolds

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Ulrich Rathe

Phil Seal

Eddie Gordon

Lesley Hogarth

Keith Barber

Paul Collins

Nicole Wright

Michael Briggs

Dave Morgan

Hayley Spencer

Janet Covey

Martin Lowe

Nick Underwood

Jamie Aird


John pritchard


Dave Reeves

James Forrest-Lines

Damien Hickie

Graham Watson

Andrea O'Brien

Phil Wood


Liz Brook

Becky Brooks

Martin Lamb
Sorry it's taken so long in responding but the service and bits have been great and thank you.

John Noble

Phil Holman
1-Service was very good, Product was well made and prefect for job in hand. 2-Web site was easy to use. 3-5 out of 5 will 100% use you again in future.

Jenna Riley
The website is easy to use and the order I placed arrived very promptly. I'�d emailed with a query prior to making the order and the reply to this was quick and all my questions were well answered.

Terry Dawson

Stuart Joyce

Lee Deaves

Liz Baranov

David Turgoose

Tim Jones

Lowry Mill

Simon Hallowes

Alan Stevens

Scott Spackman

Stella Hewison

Sharon Garton

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David Poore

Angus Saunders

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Jason Evans

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Nick Jones

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Calum Samuel Cruickshank

Darren Ramhit

Lee Partridge

Colin Smith

Chris Starkie

Diane Halliday

Karen Vernon

Bekka Duiker

Jock Wallace

Charlotte Hodkinson

keith marsh

Richard Bowman

KDF Electrical

Matt Nock Anzor Fasteners NZ & Australia

Ken Sexton

Julie Toker

Bradley Meneer

Jules Ferrigno

Holly Chapman

Alison Junor

Johnathan Simpson

Peter Wilson

Kate Freeman Wilson

Harry Gibbons

Andrew Robb

Linda Thomas

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Tina Toms

Susan Jervis

Nick Greenwood

Peter Tapp

Steven A Edwards

Tony H

Keely Knight

Rachel Smith

Sarah Haseldine

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Vikki Jell

Evan Meredith

Mike Hooper

Craig Smith

Paul Sharpe

Gerry Barnett

Gary Hardiker

Nicholas Lockyer

Stuart Adam

Lee Jackson

Tom Shaw

Lance Saunders

Treena Armer

Ted Wilson

Mark Haywood

Evelyn Reeve

Lynn Hughes

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Evie copland

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Kerrie Thacker

Andrew Potter

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Lynne Fitzgerald

Mark Taylor

Diane Garland

Marie Speakman

Lee Deaves

Monika Dziedzic

Mike Ormond

Dave Cudbertson

Aiden Berry

Nicholas Lockyer

Rushcliffe Developments Ltd

Helen Flinter

Roger Oates

Andrea O'Brien

Darryl Stanley

Andrea Hillyer

David Perlman

Tim Staples

Gail Palmer

Neil James

Paul Baker

David Killen

Lyn Cowling

Brian McTavish

Paul Laver

Zella Morley

Layla Bloom
Very fast

Steve Brown
5* any day of the week

Martin Stevens
Product was great, price was good

Jack Porter
Product was excellent.

Michael Hayes
Website was easy and overall performance was 5

Yvonne Woods

Saqib Yameen Mehta

zoe ridgeway

Graham Roberts

David Baxter

Martin Carter

Nigel Westbury

Karen Glover

Stuart Searis

David Trott
Excellent - very efficient & professional. Great build quality on initial review 5*

Conrad Galvin

David Craigmyle

Keith Dunkley

Ross Pamphilon

Matthew Huxtable

Brian Stephens

Malcolm Crabbe

sara cave

Philip Hodgson

Paula Markham

Alan Jones

Kerrie Thacker

Simon John

John Stanley
Just a short note to say I found your website easy to navigate around, and your product range was just what I was looking for. Many thanks for your quick delivery, I am sure we will be using you in the future.

Terry Woods
Website easy to use '" found what I wanted quickly Product delivered quickly Satisfactory product Good service (rate as 5)

Colin Lemm
The service was excellent, the website easy to understand and find things and simple to order. Items turned up the next day exactly as promised. If it's not broke don't try to fix it.

Michael Griffin
Delighted with the service and really interesting website.

Lynn Hughes
I found your site very easy to use, especially as I didn't exactly know what I was looking for. Hopefully we will be back again soon

Steve Allison
Everything fine. No problems. Excellent service.

Paul Fishwick

Damien Seymour

John O'Shaughnessy

Sarah Haseldine

Paul Strong

Peter Newton

David Heywood

Denbigh High School

Troy Pilkie Rodgers

Steve Blair

Tom Corke

Alan Williams

Trevor Peart-Jackson

Mark Cook

Lucy Dorling

Graham Watson

Verna Beighton

Alan Diack

David Vandome

Andy Harmon

Malcolm Knox

Lisa Stocks

John Shaw
Service was great will definitely be using you again.

Sheila Parsons
I found the whole process from start to finish very good indeed. I was pleased to find a product of 'better quality' than the plastic film products that feature widely on the internet - but not go the extreme of Highways quality (and cost!).

Louise Phair
I was very impressed with the service I received from your company. The ordering from start to finish was very easy. Gwyn Ewens was very helpful. I would definitely use your company again and recommend it to my friends and work colleagues

Phil Evans
Thanks for the item. Exactly what I wanted. Courteous service, good product & delivery smack on the button. Website good & easy to navigate. Definitely recommend you.

Wendy Hollis
Pleased with the product and next day delivery. Good all round service thank you. Yes I would recommend you.

Shaukat Ali

Kerry Hardie
it was a very simple process to order online, quick and very easy to follow steps.. you offer a very fast, efficient and professional service.. the website was extremely easy to use and very quick. I would most definitely recommend you to a friend.

Keith Taylor
The website was easy to use with an excellent range of products available in both small and large quantities. The on line ordering was straight forward and the items received the next day. Overall a great customer experience, Congratulations.

Morven MacLean
Very good service (will use again) Staff were very helpful and signs were delivered quickly (Better than expected)

William Spalding
Thank you for A good fast service A very good product that works well, A website easy enough for a Silver surfer to manage I will certainly recommend your service to friends.

Neil Taylor

Ann Turner
Competitive prices; speedy processing and delivery; personal service - Gwyn Ewens very helpful. We have to be economic so always look for the most cost-effective prices.

David Smith
Just a quick bit of feedback: Good, quick service Well made product as expected Great Price/ multibuy offer Will use again in the future as and when required.

Kathryn White
Good product, next day delivery.

Steve Scholes
Just a quick note to say screws arrived today and I have fitted them - they are perfect for the job Thanks again for your kind help

Phillip Terry
Good selection of products at reasonable price with speedy delivery.

Paul Gray
Brilliant service, no problems with my orders, super quick postage!

Helen Foster
The service was speedy and efficient and the goods were exactly what I wanted at a fair price.. Both items were exactly as described and shown on the website.. I was happy with everything including the follow up e mails which were friendly but professional... The website was very easy to navigate. I did not know the correct name of the product that I wanted and the website assisted in finding the items and the drawings of what I was ordering really helped in confirming I had chosen the right things.

Ken Sexton
Very efficient service, no problems and delivered as promised. Definitely use you again.

Tracey McLeod
It was quick, efficient & reliable.. I would recommend your service and definitely use it again in the future.

Simon Roberts
Website Easy to navigate, with good product description.. Screwdriver Bits ordered were to a high quality

Keith Dickinson
People these days are very quick to complain and I wanted to redress that fact by offering a little praise where it's due.Please thank Danny again on my behalf for making my dealings with your company so pleasant and pain free.

Ioan Davies
Stuff arrived today, all in good order, Thanks very much for the speedy supply, excellent service

Helen Viner
Order dispatched and received very promptly in spite of Christmas post. Pleased with service, hard to see how it could be improved

John Vigar
Just wanted to say thanks for the great service! The 2x No Entry signs arrived at 10.30am this morning, and we have a very happy customer. Will certainly use you guy's again!

Geoff Smith
It was very nice to get the invoice promptly and the goods arrived next day '" well done.

Alan Hole
Well initially I was pretty disappointed with the product but you came through in the end.Very quick to replace faulty items

Lynne Allen
Telephoned to enquire about a product and the salesman was extremely helpful Order arrived promptly Very happy with the quality of the product Excellent service

Mike Grocott
I wasn't sure on an aspect of a product that was avaliable through our catoluge, a simple phone call solved this very quickly. The delivery was also very fast, 1.5 days to Northern Ireland is good going.

David Cole
Products were in stock with super fast delivery i.e. next day couldn't have asked for anything more... I particularly liked with the Pin Torx screws there is a link with the correct driver insert which is great as we are never too sure which insert goes with which size screws.

Mark Greaves
Reasonable price, goods delivered on time

Jeff Mead
Prompt and efficient service... The product was exactly what I wanted at a good price

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Excellent service. Items arrived on time and well packaged.

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Everything Perfect. Thanks

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The website was easily found using Google. Your site is well designed and locating the appropriate fasteners was straightforward.

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I did try a firm supplying cheaper screws but they were useless, so I came back to you. You get what you pay for

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it was great service to us, very fast next day delivery

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Just placed another order as you were so good last time

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 A good product, described accurately.

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Happy with speed of dispatch and the website was easy to use.

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as if by magic the bits arrived and saved the project.

Beverley H.
Very professional service and would use again.

Emma-Claire D.
The product worked perfectly for the application I intended.

Phil H.
Thank you for a prompt service and complete delivery

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my sincere thanks for all the help you have given me 

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The service was quick and the product excellent value.

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Thank you for your speed and efficiency. Excellent service

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We were very happy with the service received

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Pleasure to do business with a very efficient team.

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 looks a quality item

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Arrived promptly.

Over 15,000 Security, Safety & Sign Products available from stock

SSP Direct are well established and trusted suppliers to schools, hospitals, local authorities, private companies and domestic customers.  By putting the customer right at the heart of everything we do, we are proud to say that we have already sold to well over 62,000 happy customers.

1,422 Customers have written a review

Although the origins of our business date back to 1999, SSP Direct as many know it today began to take shape in 2007. In this year, we took our first tentative steps into online selling.  Since that time, we have developed a range of 15,000 products, based around our two key areas of expertise - Security and Safety.


In last decade SSP Direct has become a major player in the production of paper-based visitor books and tear out visitor pass systems. With a high number of repeat customers, our systems are designed to help people track visitors around their building without falling foul of the ever changing Data Protection laws.  We also give our customers the ability to personalise their own visitors passes in any way they wish.

Another cornerstone of SSP's offering is our range of protective covers and protective cages, which provide a great way of preventing damage to valuable safety and security equipment. This range includes fire alarm call point covers, CCTV cages, fluorescent light protective cages and AED cabinets.  We also offer thermostat covers to prevent tampering of heating/air conditioning controls.

SSP is also now recognised as the UK's leading provider of security screws online. Our range of Tamper proof screws include everything from Clutch head screws (One way screws) to 6 lobe pin torx screws (high torque anti tamper screws). In addition to tamper proof bolts, we also do security nuts, like Kinmar removable nuts, Kinmar permanent nuts and shear nuts

To complement the above range, we provide security screw tools, like security screwdriver bits (eg Pig nose tool) and our new Clutch head removal tool.

Finally, in the section of security, the business simply would not exist today if we had not started selling access control and keyless lock products back in 1999. Whilst our first product was the then market leading KeySOLVE system, we have since gone on to add numerous other products for both the casual DIYer/homeowener and components for use by trained, security professionals and electricians. These products include magnetic locks, keypad door entry systems, press to exit buttons and power supply units.


Right since the launch of our first website, safety signs has always been a major part of our offering. Our range of 7,000 signs covers everything from the standard signs like fire exit, CCTV signs, no parking signs and no ball games signs through to the less common wet paint signs, men at work signs and hazchem plates. We also have the facility to make custom made signs.

Building on from this, we have also developed an ever growing range of reflective road safety signs, offering both temporary road works signs through to TSRGD compliant, CE mark permanent road signs.

To help our customers ensure safety around their workplace, we have also developed a line of permits to work. Building on from this, where businesses need them, we can also produce personalised and bespoke self-duplicating permits.

One of the unique offerings of SSP is our exclusive range of foam impact protection products. Designed to offer both body and, in particular, head protection, these metre lengths of yellow and black hazard foam can also be used for wall protection, RSJ Protection, UBS protection and general bump protection.

We also have a range of anti-slip tape, to help safeguard people at home and work from slipping. As well as photoluminescent anti slip tape, we also stock conformable anti slip tapes to be used on checker-plates, anti slip mats and bolt down anti-slip stair nosing and plates used primarily for decking.

Our Values

Today, although 99% of what we do is promoted online, we remain the same bricks and mortar business we have always been - continuing to place the customer right at the heart of everything we do.

A few years ago, we were asked to write down our core values. What we really stand for. In many ways, the following is a set of rules by which we make decisions on a daily basis. It is also a set of guidelines we apply when we look to recruit a new member of our team. These values are as follows:


Being honest and transparent with our customers. On the rare occasion that something goes wrong, our only course of action should always be to tell the truth. We should seek to say it how it is, without putting a more palatable spin on it. In the long run, this will gain the respect of our customers.


If we are to continue to grow and enjoy repeat custom, every day we should try to excel. Whether it’s developing new products, chasing up lost parcels, emailing paperwork, paying our suppliers, refunding our customers, improving our website or anything else,  we should always strive to do it today, not tomorrow.


Every time we make a decision, we should ask ourselves – is that how we would like to be treated ourselves? Whether we are talking to our customers, suppliers, accountants, web designers, or whomever, the thought process should be the same.


Whilst we will always attempt to give the best possible service, we should never say we can do something we know we may fail in living up to. Moreover, if we get an opportunity to exceed expectations, we should grasp it with both hands. For example, if we get an order that is well after the promoted cut-off but the courier has been delayed, we should do everything in our power dispatch that product. If anything, we should look to under promise and over deliver; never the other way round!   


Go out of our way to give more. We are not a multinational employing thousands of people. We can make up our own rules. As owners and employers, we should do nice things that staff may not expect. Likewise, as a business, we should also go the extra mile in looking after customers and suppliers alike. If anything, we should give them more than they were expecting.

We should also give back. When business is good and money is available, we should give to local causes and charities that we are passionate about.